Documentary Review – Jermaine Jenas: Teenage Knife Wars

This documentary trails former Spurs and England star Jermaine Jenas on his journey through his boyhood neighbourhood, Nottingham. He was raised on a council ­estate in the Clifton area of Nottingham. His dad walked out when he was just eight years old.

He explains in the documentary about his knowledge regarding the level of violence in the area.

“There has always been ­gangland-type areas in Nottingham – but what’s really hit me hard is kids as young as eight are now carrying knives to school. That was something I never saw when I was growing up.

Jenas describes situations he’d find himself in when he was younger and how he dealt with them in order to stay on the right path.

Jermaine said: “When you have a focus in life, like I did, you tend to make the right decisions”.

“I found myself in situations when I was a teenager when I would be at a house party and someone would start smoking some weed, and I’d ask for some. But then my mate would say: ‘No Jermaine, you have a game tomorrow.’ My friends and my mum genuinely had my back.”

The midfielder, who represented England 21 times, roamed the streets of Nottingham to meet with youngsters who carry knives on the street. JENAS 2

The picture above captures a young teen brandishing a knife while explaining to Jermaine why he does so.

Full documentary on BBC Iplayer



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